Wednesday Family Night

Dinner @ 5PM. Something for everyone @ 6PM.

Strengthening Faith, Building Community

We are excited to introduce Wednesday Family Night at Harvest Bible Church, a brand new midweek gathering that promises something for everyone in your family! As we make this change, we're shifting the start time to accommodate your busy schedules, with dinner now being served at 5:00 PM.


Date: Every Wednesday (begins Oct. 4)


  • Dinner: 5:00 PM
  • School of the Bible: 6:00 PM
  • Youth Service: 6:00 PM

5:00 PM - Dinner

Begin your evening by joining us for a delicious meal, free of charge! It's a perfect opportunity to unwind and connect with fellow church members, friends, and neighbors. To ensure that we prepare enough food for everyone, please RSVP. You can find the link to RSVP in our Digital Bulletin.

6:00 PM - School of the Bible

Adults & Kids

Our School of the Bible classes offer in-depth exploration of God's Word and its relevance to our lives today. These engaging classes are based on the curriculum provided by Answers in Genesis, a trusted resource for biblical education. Whether you're an adult seeking to deepen your understanding of Scripture or a child eager to learn, these classes will provide valuable insights:

  • Adult Class: Delve into the foundations of your faith, exploring topics that include creation, apologetics, and biblical authority.
  • Kids' Class: Children will embark on a journey through the Bible, discovering its truths through interactive lessons and activities designed to make learning fun and meaningful.

6:00 PM - Youth Service

6th-12th Grade

Our Youth Service, also starting at 6:00 PM, is an exciting and dynamic space where teenagers can come together, worship, learn, and build meaningful connections with each other. Our youth ministry is designed to help young people grow spiritually, make lasting friendships, and navigate the challenges of life with a strong foundation of faith.

To learn more, please visit our Youth Ministry page.

We can't wait to see you there!

Wednesday Family Night is about more than just attending a service; it's about building relationships, deepening your understanding of the Bible, and strengthening your faith as a family. We welcome you to bring your loved ones and make Wednesday nights at Harvest Bible Church a special time of growth and togetherness.